Renaissance Man:   Marathon Runner & Web Designer

Ray is a creative, optimistic, easygoing runner and website designer
Ray finishes 2008 New Jersey Marathon
Greetings!   This is the personal site of Ray Christensen.

Webmaster * Runner * Traveller * Singer * Health Products Distributor

I'm a 6', slim, "39+7" year old who is still quite single!   I reside in Delaware, USA, but grew up in New York and spent 12 years in the San Francisco area.

I'm easygoing, intelligent, open-minded and creative, with a great sense of humor.   I enjoy travel--international & domestic, car trips, hiking, running marathons, skiing, dining, and most sports.  

Ladies: Please visit my personal ad page to find a list of 10 reasons to get in touch with me...

Gentlemen: You'll (hopefully) be more interested in my beer bottle collection site.

Visit my training buddies, the Rebel Runners or check out some nice Posters and Wall Art for your place.

A former naval officer, I held positions in sales, retail and operations management before starting my own home business in web design and internet marketing. I enjoy making my own schedule and taking on interesting website and search engine optimization products for clients. I also market my own online products and services dealing with health and fitness. Email me for more info!

An announcement please:
I seek a witty, fit and trim female (32-44) who likes to laugh, explore and enjoy what life has to offer.
I'm not rich (sorry), but do own a nice home and a decent car!

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Wilmington, DE   -   United States

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